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St. Petersburg Off the Beaten Path Tour

This excursion is great for people that want to experience St. Petersburg with a tour guide, but are not interested in museums and cathedrals.  It is highly customizable to match your areas of interest.  It works great for those staying in a hotel or coming ashore from a cruise ship using visa free documents.  Here you'll have an opportunity to experience everyday life and see how everyday Russians live.
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St. Petersburg Shore Excursions.  This itinerary is designed for those arriving by sea on a cruise ship and would like to come ashore using visa free documents.

Budget excursions with me as your St. Petersburg tour guide.  These excursions only work for people staying in hotels in the very downtown.  They will need to be modified if you are staying on a ship.

Best of St. Petersburg Two, three, four, five or longer guided days with me as your tour guide in St. Petersburg.  These excursions work well for both cruise ship passengers and those staying in a hotel.  Here you can also request a excursions in St. Petersburg to be designed specially for your group.

I am a licensed tour guide contracted through Palladium Travel Company.  My expertise as a guide and their resources as a tour company mean that you have everything you need for an exciting visit to St. Petersburg!

Tips for a fun and safe visit in St. Petersburg
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-  Private tour guide for up to 8 hours
-  Private driver for up to 8 hours
-  Driving excursion of Nevsky Avenue and St. Petersburg
-  Peter and Paul Fortress -  Panoramic views of St. Petersburg.  The Original construction commissioned by Peter the Great
-  Aurora Battle Ship - place where documents were signed ending the World War
-  Colonnade at St. Isaac's for wonderful views of the city
-  Michael's Castle exterior - Also known as Engineer's castle 
-  Canal Boat excursion -  St. Petersburg is known as the Venice of the North.
-  Kazan Cathedral Exterior - Main St. Petersburg Orthodox Cathedral
-  Church on Spilled Blood Exterior - Onion Domes and Mosaics
-  Shopping at an outdoor market

-  Private tour guide for up to 8 hours
- Public transport or a private driver can be used on this day.
-  Pedestrian Street on Basil Island - See every day life in Russia
-  Local Market - See how many Russians buy their food and other goods.
-  Spit of Basil Island -  Rostrum light houses
-  Palace Square -  Location of the Hermitage and the Admiralty.  We will see the exteriors of these buildings.
-  Egyptian Sphinx - Along the Neva River
-  Senate Square and the Bronze Horseman
-  St. Isaac's Square with exterior views of the beautiful St. Isaac's Cathedral
-  The Russian Vodka museum - Celebrate the end of your visit to St. Petersburg with a visit to this nontraditional museum that includes vodka sampling.
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